Kamis, 30 September 2010

Bentuk-bentuk Surat antara lain (Letter forms are) :

1.Bentuk Surat Resmi (Official Style) :
Official form is a form letter from the parts of a formal letter. Functional and purpose of this letter together with parts of the official letter. But do not forget to make a formal letter always pay attention to the center line for an official letter that looks neat and received by the agency or institution as a formal letter of this nature does not play games.

2.Bentuk Lurus Penuh (Full Block Style) :
Straight shape Fully (Full Block Style) is a form letter in which the neck Letters, Letter Body, and Legs Letters do not form a paragraph but to form a full block from left to right. However, the composition or structure of the letter remain valid in the letter. In typing this letter usually starts from the left edge of the wedge line.

3.Bentuk Lurus (Block Style atau Modified Block Style) :
Straight shape (Block Modified Block Style or Style) is a form letter that has the right position at the date and closing greetings. The form of this letter is similar to the Straight shape Fully but the difference is just the date and closing greetings are in the right position, whether in writing, typing or structural.

4.Bentuk Setengah Lurus (Semi Block Style) :
Shape Half Straight (Semi-Block Style) is a form letter where all the letters, except the contents of the letter, diketika same as a straight shape. Each end of new paragraph 5 is typed after a knock from the left edge of the wedge line. Usually this form of love is in the wedding invitation.

5.Bentuk sederhana (Simplified Style) :
Forms Simplified (Simplified Style) is a form letter that is almost similar to the shape Straight Full but only without any greeting and closing greetings. Usually this letter in addressed to the people who were working in the company. Sometimes a simple form of letter writing is very simple without the need to look at tidiness and order.

6.Bentuk Lekuk (Indented Style) :
Form Dent (indented Style) is a form letter where a letter addressed to a paragraph in formation down the ladder-shaped line. Dent shape usually have a paragraph of paragraph a curved so it does not look neat but it looks structured, especially on the letter that directed the formation of such alineanya down stairs.

7.Bentuk Alenia Menggantung (Hanging Paragraph) :
Hanging paragraph form (Hanging Paragraph) is a form letter where the letter has a paragraph that body hanging. The purpose of the hanging paragraph after paragraph is new, the next line entry five spaces. So after the first paragraph, the next paragraph should be spaced about 5 spaces. Usually the form of this letter is in a particular service.

8.Bentuk Lurus Dengan Perihal atau "Pokok Surat" (Subject Notice) :
Shape Straight By Subject or "Basic Letter" (Subject Notice) is a form letter in which the Principal Letter located in the middle after the Opening Greeting. The form letter like this is made for people who read it focused on the principal letter to letter. So put in the middle after Hail Opening.

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